A morbid look at the consequences of meddling in the affairs of Wizards. This short story will most likely turn your stomachs. Proceed only if you dare.
    This is a Grim styled fairy tale filled with surprising content and intriguing developments.
I was eating a peach while I read this. The sweetness of the fruit made the story so much more interesting.
OMG I shouldn't hAve look at your cover... It scares me and I'm too scared to go back to where I was because I mite see the face againnnn
I don't think I'll be getting much sleep tonight after this.
I knew this was about The Disgusting Food Eater this is amazing! Are you going to do the rest of the Sin Series.
@BrokenFreak I know right? Conchita begged me to write this for her~ I'm glad you liked it!
I read the part where she used to eat the best food but now only wanted gruesome ones and I was like OMJ IT'S LIKE CONCHITA and then I saw the music video and I was like OwO mwerher I was right.. so yeah, this is cool!