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"I keep my promises," he said intensely. "Especially promises I make to beautiful girls." 
I rolled my eyes. "Don't. Don't say that." 

"What? Don't call you beautiful?" Leo tested in amusement. "I have never heard a girl ask not to be called beautiful." 

"I don't want to be told lies," I hissed under my breath. "I've had enough of those in my life." 

Leo was silent for a while, following me into my apartment. "What have they done to you, princess?" The way he was walking toward me was almost predator-like. And I was his prey.

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toldyousoo toldyousoo Dec 22, 2017
Actually this is how nature is... wolves act like this, however I am not saying that it's good
MissBadAss1 MissBadAss1 6 days ago
SkinnyBeanMendes SkinnyBeanMendes Dec 30, 2017
I...I..I love how you make your books so relatable❤ You characters are what constantly reminds me that there is someone out there who cares x Thank you for that❤❤ I love your books x❤ And I love you❤
Oh, thank goodness he isn't a jerk and plans to make things better once he's Alpha.
_enthralling _enthralling May 29, 2017
hope you update this story soon. it's really interesting so far:)
MissBadAss1 MissBadAss1 6 days ago
Wtf, why cast someone out over something they have no control over? Wtf, my mind can’t comprehend the level of ignorance shown by her Alpha and parents.