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"I keep my promises," he said intensely. "Especially promises I make to beautiful girls." 
I rolled my eyes. "Don't. Don't say that." 

"What? Don't call you beautiful?" Leo tested in amusement. "I have never heard a girl ask not to be called beautiful." 

"I don't want to be told lies," I hissed under my breath. "I've had enough of those in my life." 

Leo was silent for a while, following me into my apartment. "What have they done to you, princess?" The way he was walking toward me was almost predator-like. And I was his prey.

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MissBadAss1 MissBadAss1 Jan 18
Rac1686 Rac1686 May 31
Go find a nice human guy to snuggle with! Screw the wolfy jerks
jessiejam3s jessiejam3s Apr 19
Aw she’s loosing her vision, I known somebody who’s loosing theirs and it’s so hard. Wish I could give her a hug ❤️
SkinnyBeanMendes SkinnyBeanMendes Dec 30, 2017
I...I..I love how you make your books so relatable❤ You characters are what constantly reminds me that there is someone out there who cares x Thank you for that❤❤ I love your books x❤ And I love you❤
Is like "do I oh yeah my four bedroom walls are gonna miss me staring at them all day right?
jessiejam3s jessiejam3s Apr 19
Respect and self independency....something that none of you can give her because your so mean to her ):