Chained love ( A Vampire/Slave Story)

Chained love ( A Vampire/Slave Story)

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Alexandra0788 By Alexandra0788 Updated Dec 10, 2017

I woke up from the pain I felt in my wrists and ankles. I opened my eyes and I saw nothing but darkness. It was cold and I felt metal chains holding my arms and legs.

I heard footsteps and then a door opened. Someone entered the room and opened a dim light.

It was a man, an inhumanly beautiful one I may say. He bended down so he could face me, he grabbed my chin roughly and glared at me with cold green eyes.

" What do you want from me? Who are you?" I said

A dark smile covered his beautiful lips

" You are my new pet, of course"

I am Amy. My life was normal till a few hours ago. Now, a few hours later, I am not sure I can say that I have a life anymore.

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Gabzy-camzy Gabzy-camzy May 04, 2018
Sorry I only serve one master so yeah I'm breaking that rule once and for all
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