My Snarky Tutor(Boyxboy)

My Snarky Tutor(Boyxboy)

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Iheartequality By Iheartequality Updated Apr 17, 2015

When Noah Chambers close to failing Biology, his teacher suggests that Eric Stevens,the unlikable straight A student, should tutor him. Eric refuses at first but eventually does It.

The two get off at the wrong foot but quickly get attached to each other without knowing how much they need each other.

What if they were both severely damaged? Will the two ever heal from what's hurting them? What if they developed feelings for the other? Can the relationship between two damaged people with no similar interests survive?

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  • iloveyaoi15
This gets pretty normal in college haha. You and the whole class goes down together, brothers in arms
crazy_daydreams crazy_daydreams Dec 08, 2017
Chapter one and I’m literally in awe just because i relate to it so much (which is probably not a good thing... oh 🐳)
IShippItHard IShippItHard Dec 06, 2017
Sad I’m here like because I have real friends who care about me and don’t want them hurt 😢
phan3133 phan3133 Jan 07
My teachers would be like “you have until the end of the day to turn it in.”
June212004 June212004 Dec 01, 2017
I rather summer school then restarting the year in the same grade
Kingz8 Kingz8 Nov 28, 2017
My mom over her like , “B’s are not acceptable in this household, young lady .” Good thing he doesn’t live with my mom...