The Alliance - I Declare War

The Alliance - I Declare War

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❤ Em Myles ❤ By emmyles Updated Feb 25, 2017

The re-imagined take on The Academy Book One.
The reason I added this many chapters is because I wanted you to have the full impact of the new way the story is going.

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The Alliance is not your typical romance and is the first of three in a series. The characters are deliciously wicked and unrepentant. This book features very mature content that includes sex with dubious consent. 

Ma'Kayla "Kayla" Aubree Ward comes from Nah'Bye, a peaceful agricultural planet, that left The Alliance during The Bloody Wars.

Lucas Jeremiah Sinclair, heir to the Ah'Tarian first seat and head of the Alliance, lives in a world where ruling through fear and war comes naturally.

With the Blood War in the past, The Alliance decides planets should be acquired using less aggressive methods. Now Nah'Bye is on their list of planets to add to their growing dominance, and they are all set to use any and all 'peaceful methods.'

In this universe where Ah'Tarians will use all means necessary to get what they want; Lucas will change Kayla's life, turning her world upside down.

Does Kayla fully understand the danger she is placing herself in.....leaving her safe life on Nah'Bye to go to The Academy? Can she fathom what will happen when she enters into the unknown that is called The Alliance?

Content contains descriptions of dubious consent, violence, coarse language and things readers may find objectionable. Reader discretion is advised.

Kera910 Kera910 Feb 25, 2017
The chapters need a little editing. So far I am still leaning to towards the original version, I know it's not much difference thus far,  but it's still different.