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LifeAsIKnowIt By LifeAsIknowIt Completed

“I, Eryn Jay, accept your rejection William Camp”

 I watched as his body dropped to the ground. His hands shot up to clutch his chest. Good; now he knows how it feels. Smiling to myself I grabbed my stilettos off the floor strutting out of the bar. I kept my head held high as I walked home; my fake smile plastered on my face. It wasn't safe to cry yet. 

"Never again will another man hurt us"

"No Rosie, never again"

AUTHOR I LOVE YOU!!!! A PONTIAC it may not be the best pontiac out there but A PONTIAC. AND SYSTEM OF A DOWN!!!!!! omigosh omigosh omigosh!!!!!!!
Kiran-S Kiran-S Jul 16, 2015
She should find herself another mate, get marked and mate with him then that will be the perfect revenge.
SkylerSabine SkylerSabine Nov 25, 2014
Hi, I just started reading your book and I love it do far thank you for writing it. I may not always leave a comment because where I am does not have WI FI so I'm sorry but I will leave comments later on <3
Amber2987 Amber2987 Oct 02, 2014
LOVE THE WARNING!! if you need any help I'll hold the person stealing your work whilst you beat them a new one!! Lol 
FinallyNotAtPeace FinallyNotAtPeace Sep 06, 2014
suggestions for breaking faces: pineapples.bricks.chairs.tables. dinosaur toys. clocks. bobble heads. picture frames. oranges. lemons. baseballs. tool boxes. old tvs. keyboards.
                              MORE COMING SOON!
knewsome knewsome Jul 28, 2014
You shall laugh at my craziness author!
                              Hope I made your day or at least made you smile :D