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You Leave Me Breathless

You Leave Me Breathless

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Rachel Misery By MyChemicalRachel Completed

Halloween night; Gerard is home alone, passing out candy, when a grown man shows up on his doorstep dressed like a hot dog. One strange, yet simple, sentence starts it all; "Ask me about my wiener." One night with this peculiar man seems to change everything for them both, especially when Gerard runs into him where he least thought likely; School. But Frank is far from being a new student. He's Gerard's new teacher.
  [Disclaimer: I got the idea for this story when I saw Frank's Halloween costume and just had to write it. I don't own Frank and Gerard, however much I wish I did, and I got the "ask me about my wiener" idea from the movie Accepted. Everything else is mine. Okay, now with that said; enjoy the yummy gay fanfiction.
  Warning: Smut. Like, quite a bit in a few chapters. And kids. Not both at the same time, 'cause that's weird. Also, age gap of 14 years, so if that weirds you out, you probably shouldn't read...]

SyFy is one of my favorite channels man
                              But seriously, they only play the same three horror movie franchises, like switch it up yo or you're gonna lose me to Chiller
That1Phan That1Phan 5 days ago
I had to ruin the 69 comments to point out that there was 69 comments
My day is always smiling because everything is gay when I'm there
Josh_Duns_legs Josh_Duns_legs 2 days ago
Lol i dont want to know about your winer get out of here frank
WayMistress WayMistress Jul 13
Smooth Frankie. Smooth
                              Now I want candy. Fuhk. Why can't it always be Halloween
I dressed up as him for school, but wore a black shirt with red beads because I couldn't do lingerie 
                              Then the only person who recognized was like "Why not just the scrubs" and I have been ashamed of myself ever since