The Secret Life of a Nerd  (a Student/Teacher romance)

The Secret Life of a Nerd (a Student/Teacher romance)

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Gertrude's my name.  Gertrude Bambi Goldsmith to be exact. I'm a nerd, I won't deny it. My parents are destitute alcoholics. That's who they are and I know they won't change.  I work and bring home the money in this family. I'm 17 years old and I have no idea when my birthday is. All I know is the year in which I was born. My parents don't care about me. They knew I'd either be a nerd or a slut., hence my first and middle names.  Gertrude is nerdy. Bambi is slutty.  During the day, I'm Gertrude .  But by night, I'm Bambi.  I met this guy named Brett. I met him online to be exact. He's so sweet and he actually likes me.  There's one problem though. He's my English teacher.  He doesn't know he's my English teacher, though.  He doesn't know Gertrude...he knows Bambi.  When I'm Bambi, I'm the exact opposite of nerdy. I'm sexy.  When I'm Gertrude, I'm the stereotypical nerd. That's who Mr. Anderson knows.  Mr. Anderson is Brett.  He has no idea who I am when he sees me on the first day of school. And he doesn't know I'm his student when we talk online. All he knows is that Gertrude is just another student and that Bambi is the girl of his dreams.  Will Brett ever find out that Bambi is me? And if he does, what will he do?

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Is this like a joke like the author is tricking us or is she serious???
Like maybe at one point in time but now we aren't sure what they use
Wowiex Wowiex Sep 03, 2016
this sounds like an advertisement commerical for McDonalds x3
Darkgirl_forever Darkgirl_forever Feb 24, 2015
im never eating there again. actually, imma go throw away stuff I got from there right now...
- - Jan 18, 2015
i really loved reading this story. its was a simple cute love story without a string of unwanted boring girly drama. Thankyou for a really good story ..