Innocent Bride [Kaichou Wa Maid Sama]

Innocent Bride [Kaichou Wa Maid Sama]

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Ayuzawa is a wealthy family number two at Japan. Ayuzawa family only have one female, her name is Misaki Ayuzawa. She is so beautiful, but she is a badass and trouble maker. At the new school she met the president council, Usui Takumi. Takumi family is the wealthy family number one at Japan!

Misaki always got into trouble with that President Council because Misaki is trouble maker. But suddenly Misaki's dad asked Misaki to get engaged. She can't say no because something. And so......she is engaged with Usui Takumi!


*Deleting scenes
*Editing the too much capslock
*Change the conversation (Add and deleting)
*Put some more details
*Fix the grammars (even though still shitty)
*Fix the typos.

Thank your for the patience :)

wolfseeker_ wolfseeker_ Jun 21, 2016
Hehehe Usui-kun what are you planing *has an evil smirk* hehehehe😈
Pandas5825 Pandas5825 Oct 18, 2015
PLEASE PLEASE PLLLLEASE don't think i'm a hater but this book is kinda ridiculous
Inlove_Buthurt Inlove_Buthurt Jun 20, 2015
This totally the opposite of misa-chan, she never acts like a spoiled brat in the anime
OtakuBinkies OtakuBinkies May 25, 2015
man, i think your story is cool, but i think it would probably be better if you fix the grammar
abigale464 abigale464 May 22, 2015
lol missa got caught wow sooooooo awsam  and I see usuis still a perv
shanice10278 shanice10278 May 16, 2015
I'm dying here...  words can not expressed what I'm feeling right now