His Luminous Lover

His Luminous Lover

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Britanya団子 By AishiteruDango Updated Oct 29

Levi Ackerman (a 15 year old male student at Shiganshina High) has a crush on Eren Jaeger who is the prepossessing and popular male brunette in that school.
With the help of his loving parent Hange and his best friend Isabel, Levi prospers to advance through all the obstacles to get to him. Whether it's to find out what underwear he was wearing so they could be partnered up for an art project or standing up against bullies that would do anything to keep them apart.
Levi would keep chasing after him, holding Eren's words close to his heart from their destined meeting. He knew that someone who could create a tranquil atmosphere with just a luminous captivating smile is someone he should never let go of.
Levi would do anything to have the chance to bask in those multi-colored eyes of his even with the constant reminder of his forlorn past.

[Ereri High School AU]

「The art on the cover belongs to the artist  Nori HT (from pixiv)」

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XxRirenxX XxRirenxX Aug 19
So I can admit when I s r a guy who has a handsome face...and pretty eyes...and a rock hard chest....and rippling abs....and sculpted calves...and the tightest aśs...and those budging quads...and the perfect bod...oh mah gawd take you pants off...
Eren's ass so holy that freckled Jesus has to put shades to look at that thang.
levisass levisass Jul 19
silverg646 silverg646 Jan 12
Why is it everytime I kiss my cats they either growl, try to scratch me or squirm in my arms?