Hell's Consort

Hell's Consort

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Daenerys Targaryen By ninetailedsilverfox Updated 3 days ago

Queen of Darkness Lilith has cursed the Vampire King with the Blood Beast, draining every female to death on the spot. To feed and maintain his strength, he acquired and kidnapped consorts all over the realm, for food and sex. 

But, what if he finds the woman worth keeping but he can't even touch her? Can he control his hunger for blood and lust for her delectable body?

Is Luna, Consort turned High Priestess, willing to go to hell and back (literally) and separate the hold of the Blood Beast from the Vampire King to break the century-old curse so she could be free from the Harem?

1001 Arabian Nights spin-off
Slow Updates as of now. My updates would turn to normal after the ONC2019 ends on April 2 because I'm busy updating my other work Cassandra Syndrome please be patient ❤❤


Current Word Count: 8765

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