The Rise of Three

The Rise of Three

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Lukas Elias By LukasElias Updated Oct 09

A civil war rages on between the Blackriver and Goldhill, the old aristrocratic leadership are too involved in their own games for power to realize the rising threat of rebellion. 

Far off the civilized part of the kingdom tales of the rebellion are romanticised by storytellers, tales of heroic battles and brave heroes swell the lines of new recruits for the rebels. Three friends decide to leave their old life behind to join the rebellion in search of adventure, but not everyone is made to be a soldier. The fantasy of being the heroes of their people shatters as the war turns out to be everything but heroic. 

One war, three different tasks to keep it going, a spy, a soldier and a scholar each fighting in their own way to help the rebellion succeed. The tale of Erik, Cara and Alaric begins here. Their rise in the ranks of the rebellion is about to send ripples of change through all of Guidance.

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Using the different points of view seems fine. I always like getting to see things through different people's eyes. So far Alaric and Erik aren't very distinguished in my mind, though. Maybe later chapters will help with that.
I didn't notice any grammatical errors, like I do in most other stories on this sight so good job their. Personally though I got a bit bored while reading, mainly because I didn't have any need to care who won the fight since I have no time invested with the character. Nice job though.