Satellite Heart [Contemp. MMF Romance]

Satellite Heart [Contemp. MMF Romance]

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Kei Vastripest By oh-kei Updated Oct 04

{#61 in ROMANCE 6/10/17} 
It's been four years since Em's two best friends, Kaz and Tai, left for college. Four years since she heard from them, four years since she realised she'd fallen in love with both of them.

Now they're back, and they're determined to make amends, starting with helping Em remedy her ailing bookstore, and putting a spark back in her dreary life with their familiar bright smiles and newly-gained broad shoulders.

But as the three of them grow closer once more, can Em learn to trust the two men who broke her heart? Love knows no bounds, but some secrets cannot be kept forever...

WARNING: This book contains frequent coarse language, adult themes, and a polyamorous relationship (that is, M/M/F). It is recommended for mature readers.

  • adult
  • angst
  • bookstore
  • college
  • comedy
  • contemporary
  • fluff
  • friendship
  • heartbreak
  • humor
  • menage
  • mmf
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  • polyamory
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Dang is this an uncovered exo fanfic?
                              Ya know Kaz -> kai and Tai -> tao 
                              Wel... i suppose i am alone with my theory 😑
AmicaMeaa AmicaMeaa Sep 24
Do you ever have those moments where you flip the page read a sentence and your eyes widen? I jusr did
Academylove Academylove Oct 09
This is when I turn away from them and whimper out a "please leave" as I walk into the back storeroom and lock myself in.
lRizzal lRizzal Sep 27
For a second I thought she was gonna hurt the book. Thank macaroons 😭
Academylove Academylove Oct 09
I'm so proud of her. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 She seems to have superhuman strength.
Academylove Academylove Oct 09
I am on the verge of hysteria for her.  I may not have a pole-vault but this crane might come in handy.  🏗