Risky Business ◈ Billy Hargrove

Risky Business ◈ Billy Hargrove

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❝ They were both storms. She was a rainstorm with lightning that shattered the sky, with thunder that roared and with rain the could drown a town. He was a snowstorm with howling winds, with brutally sharp ice and with violent snow that could bury a city.❞ 

Billy Hargrove/Stranger Things Season 2 
Billy Hargrove x OC
 © lookingforlucy 2017
cover by burningbrightfire 

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skyuyler skyuyler May 26
I love when writer put playlists, because I feel like it adds more vibe for the story.
all for u
                              all for u
                              yeah all for you
                              fIESTA SALSA QUINCEAÑERA BAILA--
breefaux breefaux Aug 05
Everyone is like “scream” and I’m like “grey’s!”
i found this story while listening to an 80s playlist on spotify
-johnnycade -johnnycade Aug 13
Everyone's talking about The Carrie Diaries but I only only her from Camp Rock 2 and PLL
Well, I mean, if you really look at it, he’s mostly that way because his dad was abusive, and I think when he was a child his dads behavior imprinted on Billy and that’s why he’s very complicated and flawed. At least, that’s what I think an that’s just my opinion.