Belonging to Him

Belonging to Him

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"Oh my god i'm so sorry, are you okay?" I asked frantically. He nodded his head 
"I'm fine." He was so, I didn't event know how to describe him... Perfect. Tall, dark and handsome so to say. He was looking at me like I was some prize. I almost hit him with my car. Why the hell is he looking at me like that. Shouldn't he be yelling or something? 


Ariel Anderson was a sight herself. She may not always realize it but he always would. To Ariel he was just another guy. Something inside her was saying he had to stay. After only shortly living there, was she ready to jump into a relationship? She had had a rough year or so. Losing her father and sister-in-law close together. Only to find out that her mother was forcing her to move three states away. With him, everything seemed so easy, so perfect. Little did she know...

Derek Greyson had been looking for his mate for two year's. Traveling to try and find her. Little did he know that when he least expected it, he stumbled upon her. All because of a simple fight with his father and a change in plan's. More like a change of route. How is he suppose to expose her to his world when she's barely surviving in her own. A world where he could be killed for mating with a human. A world where she would be the future Luna of one of the biggest, strongest pack's known to man...

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confianim confianim Mar 24, 2016
Gud story but y she had to kiss him.... Am I first to comment on this part. Wow
Amoeba_music Amoeba_music Jun 21, 2016
Isn't it weird that her BROTHER told his SISTER that his kid looked like her. I mean, it is not her kid sooooo...
TessaHill TessaHill Oct 17, 2016
If this is Tyler Hoechlin, or well Derek, he had green eyes lol
MarivelRodela MarivelRodela Nov 03, 2016
When my grandmother passed away I don't know why or how but I got over it really quick. And she was at our house every single day
Ellier_xox Ellier_xox Jun 22, 2016
This is my favorite series I have ever read in wattpad…I'm a RR. So many good memories