The Stripper?

The Stripper?

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"I want daddy" my two year old daughter cry 

"Aaliyah calm it down" I say 

She looked at me before turning her back. 

"Pooh I'm sorry" I say 

"I go with mommy" Aaliyah say 

"No I got work" I say 

"Hmm" Aaliyah mumble before finally coming to me 

I know I barely spend time with my daughter but I don't have the time. 

I carried her inside my mother's house.

"Hey Pooh" my mama cooed 

"I gotta go I'm running late" I say

"Bye" my Mama say 

I got to the car and sped to the club. I went through the back entrance and walked to the dressing room. 

"Wassup Ice" this stripper name Chocolate say 

Ice because I have a cold heart it's been that way for about five years now. I got three people depending on me. 

I'm 5'6 with a fat ass and small breast and no stomach. I have tattoos out the ass. I'm your typical stripper I guess. 

Chocolate was the only bitch I fucked with in here. All the other hoes hate me but ion give a fuck. 

"Wassup bitch" I say 

I took my clothes off displaying ...

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