Out Of The Blue - a Park Chanyeol x Reader

Out Of The Blue - a Park Chanyeol x Reader

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One day, you were just scrolling through Facebook, just like any other day, then right before you know it...

You're teleported to Korea.

In front of Park Chanyeol himself.

You have no clue how you got there, why you're there, and why you were put in front of your EXO bias. Chanyeol is just as confused as you are, and isn't wanting the rest of EXO to find out about you, or the public.

But EXO finds out.

What'll happen when they do find out? How does Chanyeol react? How does he feel about you?

Most importantly, how does he react when you want to go back home?

Hey guys! So I'm obsessed with EXO, so I decided to make a Chanyeol x reader fanfic! Hope you guys like it! BYEE ♡~WW303~

(Cover by Seolfia ♡)