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You knew some people in your class were having aparty, but since you were kind of an outsider you didn't expect to get invited. So it was kind of surprising when Orihime Inoue, your classmate, who you thought of as a very good and kind person and you wanted to be her friend, came up to you and asked: "Hey, _____(your name)! Are you coming today?"

"Me?" you answered, almost shocked, "I don't know..." Orihime smiled and said: "Of course you're coming. Be at Urahara's shop at seven! :-D"

Orihime laughed and ran away to talk to Ichigo. You wondered why the hell they were having a party in a candy-selling shop, but decided that it didn't matter.


You were taking a walk outside, when suddenly you heard a child crying. You looked that way and saw a small girl who looked lost. Since you were such a nice person, you went over and asked her what happened. She started explaining how there were so many, many cars and then suddenly she was in the middle of them all an...

erickaness erickaness Apr 25
Sometimes he's creepy but i think we shouldn't judge him by the way he smirks. And i love him hahahahaha lol.
ShadedWolfFlowerMage ShadedWolfFlowerMage Oct 26, 2014
He was never a bad person, it just depended if you choose to get to know him or not
AnastasiaCarneal AnastasiaCarneal Jun 02, 2014
@orangekittenn I fully agree he's not too to bad. He's just portrayed as such
Mira_Harrison Mira_Harrison May 31, 2014
i just thought of Urahara being giddy,  but as he said everyone he got a serious glare. Lol
orangekittenn orangekittenn Mar 18, 2014
I just want to say that Gin isn't that bad of a person, most people see him as evil.. I won't explain why I see him as a good person but you'll see later into the main battle..
kayra_mariannax kayra_mariannax Nov 05, 2013
Aww you did this for me right you know how I love these stuff