Dark △ H.S | ✓

Dark △ H.S | ✓

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sam By burning_ Completed

this is in no shape or form my work, I'm just simply putting it onto wattpad for you to read. 

all credit goes to; Hannah/ han-rawr

disclaimer, this contains sexual scenes, and some swearing

cover is by myself

sawi77 sawi77 7 days ago
It's so weird that some people don't know this fanfiction🤔 I remember how famous it was a couple of years ago
retrosmiles retrosmiles Aug 07
who's the original owner? can anybody give me their @ or smth?
What happen to the original story of Dark? I've never read it before, but everyone's always talking about it and I can't seem to find it. Can someone explain to me? Thanks. :)
when I read this I think wow wtf is wrong with me and then I go to comment and realize that I'm not alone
Remember when u were 12 reading this book for the first time and then u were like "no no no" and closed the app for this
If your definition of fun is rape, then i think not. Maybe you should learn about the word 'Consent' before you touch her 😊