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sam By burning_ Completed

this is in no shape or form my work, I'm just simply putting it onto wattpad for you to read. 

all credit goes to; Hannah/ han-rawr

disclaimer, this contains sexual scenes, and some swearing

cover is by myself

httpmarissaaa httpmarissaaa 3 days ago
BOi after this book I didn't look at the actual harry styles the same 😂 I went to a 1D concert and yelled rapist
MilkProducts MilkProducts Dec 18, 2016
so much better than after, jesus. this portrays real love and its so beautiful i swear, i get chills every time i read it.
crusades crusades Aug 07, 2016
who's the original owner? can anybody give me their @ or smth?
httpmarissaaa httpmarissaaa 3 days ago
he really doesn't wait do he. Just gets right into it alright I'm down with that
-deanlosechester -deanlosechester 6 days ago
This is going to sound annoying, but what's the font on the cover?
I'm against rape and sexual harassment in real life and in some books, but I'm okay with Harry Edward Styles doing it😂 this is wrong but imma lil hoe when it comes to Harry😏🙃