Broken Brent [bxb]

Broken Brent [bxb]

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When Brent was seven his big brother died, ever since Brent has blamed himself. Now, nearly ten years later, he's risking losing yet another sibling. Brent's sister is a talented artist, all around nice person, who is currently battling cancer. Brent wanted to help, but he didn't know how and the path he chose lost him his boyfriend, his morals and his sobriety. Now he has to decide whether or not he's ready to put the pieces of his life back together or let his past dictate his future.

This is the story of Brenton Alexander Straight, the boy with a story to decide.

********I'm not a professional, in fact I spelled "professional" wrong the first time I typed that, so yes, there are most likely typos. I am not editing this (I'm simply too busy), but if you see a typo and it really bugs you comment about it and i'll gladly fix it.********

Hi my name is Barney and I'm an addict       
                              Crowd-*hi Barney*
Redtail3377 Redtail3377 Nov 16, 2016
I wish people respected tap more, everyone thinks it's really easy. (Until they try even the simplest of steps)
Little_Mx_Giggles Little_Mx_Giggles Oct 21, 2016
I feel like this is more accurate of Britain than America...