Just Equal [Taeten]

Just Equal [Taeten]

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antasha By TZTTTSHA Updated Aug 18

"Lee Taeyong is the grandson of our school's founder and also the president of the school council"
"I know. So?"
"I'm afraid he'll make your life miserable."
"I'm not afraid of him. Don't worry guys."


"He's the gold medalist for young talent, also three consecutive years of best leader for basketball, best player for basketball under 15,best dancer award from international competition, best student of his old school and many more. There's no big deal if he won the scholarship."
"Dude you missed this one. He's also have black belt in Tae kwan do. No wonder he's not scared of Taeyong."

Kim Taehyung
"You're the president of the school council along with president of basketball club, right?"
"Can you let go the president of basketball club cause I think I'm better."
"Why the hell you're always get under my skin?!" Ten asked. He bite his lips signaling he's angry. 
"For fun. I'm glad that I'm the one who easily get under your skin." Taehyung smirked before continue talking.

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Yingisme Yingisme Jan 09, 2017
Great.... finally
                              I think this is medicine for my headache because i thinking so much about my school. You did well, thank youu 😊😊😊
HimeAm HimeAm Jan 12, 2017
I cant imagine this one. But i already laugh 😂😂😂😂 Ten imitated taeyong. But now Taeyong always imitating Ten, being cute and derp .lol 😂
Yingisme Yingisme Jan 14, 2017
Anyway, sorry for late to comment, i love this. My chemistry test make me going crazy for some days, and when i read this i feel like i can't forget my test for a while. Did well, thank you👍👍
kpoploverhearts kpoploverhearts Jan 12, 2017
Yay thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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I Love It 💗💗💗  Can't wait for your update... 😉😉💗💗💗
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