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Story Of My Life h.s ✓

Story Of My Life h.s ✓

418K Reads 8.5K Votes 46 Part Story
StylesWorld By TheStylesWorld1 Completed

Story Of My Life (Harry Styles) ✓


"Harry i-im scared" 8 year old Kat said to her best friend Harry 
"Don't be scared Kitty Kat we will see each other again soon i promise" 8 year old Harry said to Kat.

They were standing at the airport in London.Kat was moving to New York with her family.She didn't want to leave everything behind,Her friends,old memories and she did NOT want to leave her best friend Harry they have been friends since they remember 

"Promise me we will talk every day we will always be friends,Friend forever"Kat said with tears in her eyes 

"Friends Forever"Harry said tears starting to fall 

"Kat we have to go sweetheart"Kat's mom said 
"Well this is goodbye then" Kat said to Harry "Don't say that, we will meet again i promise" Harry said and kissed her cheek.

"Kat" Her dad called "Our flight is going in 5 minutes,c'mon say bye to Harry" 

"Bye Harry i will never forget you" i say."Kitty Kat wait,i got something for you" He handed her a small box "Open this when you get sad and miss me"he smiled 

That was the last time i saw him.
But little did i know that he was touring all around the world with his band mates 

What happens whan Kat's friend Emily drags her to a One Direction concert?,will she see Harry again?
Wait and see in Story of my life

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