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We all know that Tsuna doesn't know how to ride a bike, much less a motorbike. But what if that was all an act?

What if, Tsuna actually knows how to ride a motorbike, and able to do tricks with it, but chose to keep it a secret? 

Will the others find out? Or will it stay buried in Tsuna's mind, hidden away from them forever?


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NazukiHanae NazukiHanae Mar 24, 2017
That's right, Mr Tuna. A strawberry on the top of the fudge.
MelonSeoul MelonSeoul Dec 07, 2017
*sees bumblebee and motorbike in a sentence*
                              YANG FROM RWBY?
familigia familigia Feb 18, 2017
HhahHhaha I needed more omg I think tsuna looks cool when he sword.
Kawaiineko1608 Kawaiineko1608 Feb 18, 2017
Yes, dear tuna-fish,....fuc*, may God help you Tsuna-kun honey
Crystallightshadow Crystallightshadow Feb 18, 2017
XD i would laugh at reborn and the others because of their faces
UsagiYoongi UsagiYoongi Feb 18, 2017
Yoooo I'm loving this already! Can't wait for the next update!