Glass Sneakers

Glass Sneakers

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Freesia Lockheart By crossroad Completed

Every girl has a tiara, her own shining moment, and a beautiful ever after... no matter what.

The Kingdom of Trivia is in search for a princess, but being a princess is the last thing on her mind. While everyone else is searching for magical love, Georgiette is busy running an errand to survive.

She knows nothing about being a lady, and she's the last person suitable for the position. But when desperate need and fate are calling you, it's hard to shake your head no and walk away. All she needs is a job, and the only option left is a chance to try out the kingdom's tiara.

Conditions apply
                              Conditions: this only applies to good looking people, we are not responsible for any ugly ever after.
If my mom did that n decides to call i would be like "New phone who dis?" then mom. be like "It's mom" n imma be all like "Oh useless poor ass hoe? nah i don't want to buy your new hoe perfume. Bye"
Lockheart...kinda like Lockhart...from Harry Potter...
                              I'm sorry, I relate everything to HP
Nigga wyd? why we having tea. Bish i thot u givin out flyers? WHY'D U STOP HMM?
sambody_10 sambody_10 Jun 17
This book is really good. The conversations were just so hilarious and could make you fall in love at the same time. Really great 👑
Oh shiiii just realized I've read this story before on my other account! 😂 But eh I love this! #rereading😍😂