Butterfly love

Butterfly love

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vintage By vintage Updated Nov 19, 2016

Rejection was never something she thought she had to face. But she guessed it was part of the experience of life.  

Layla was the sushine, the happy, nature loving she-wolf.  She always held such a beautiful smile, that even those with no heart would succumb to Layla's loving smile and caring personality. But her life pretty much changed after being diagnosed with cancer. Even though rejection was hard, knowing you don't have much time to live was much worse in her case.

Cover made by: @shivelight

  • betrayal
  • cancer
  • cheated
  • death
  • doctor
  • hospital
  • innocence
  • love
  • mate
  • pain
  • pure
  • rejected
  • romance
  • wolf
AnaghaJoshi3 AnaghaJoshi3 Dec 05, 2017
I loved it its so awsome...heart touching.....u r awsome keep it up!!♡♡
Winterberry16 Winterberry16 Mar 20, 2017
Dammit! You're doing what Shakespeare's doing! Putting the damn ending in the first chapter
micZAMMY micZAMMY Sep 05, 2017
i can't...im sorry i will read it some other time, im not emotionally ready...but i loved the first chapter
evershipper evershipper Dec 05, 2017
Whooooaaaahhhhhhhhh. I am just shocked. This writing is incredible, a perfect mixture of a good hook, lots of emotion, and omniscient perspective.
xlyra1998 xlyra1998 Aug 14, 2016
Holy crap . I'm only halfway and I already feel like balling my eyes out.
Dandelion_Tomboy Dandelion_Tomboy Aug 16, 2016
Same here 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😭😭😭seriously my heart is aching from this so emotional binding