Taken {Fallacy x Encre Fanfiction}   [DISCONTINUED]

Taken {Fallacy x Encre Fanfiction} [DISCONTINUED]

15.2K Reads 443 Votes 6 Part Story
dead in a ditch By sweetfanfics Updated Jun 21

Encre, a fantastic artist that lives in a village near the woods, lives a decent life. Sure, he doesn't have many friends and he lives alone, but he's happy. Though, that all changes when a certain creature creeps out of his estate and the woods to satisfy his thirst.


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AfterDeath05 AfterDeath05 Jun 05, 2017
IT could be worse. Lust could've came to vampverse and change your clothing. XD
TheMemeBox TheMemeBox May 31, 2017
hads encre never kick some one were the sun dont fuckin shine xD?
AfterDeath05 AfterDeath05 Jun 05, 2017
*sucker punches fallacy and grabs encre and starts running* FORGIVE ME, SENPAAAIIIIIIII!!!!!!!
Does anyone get a Beauty and the beast feeling at the last part?
LunarEclipse2004 LunarEclipse2004 Jun 21, 2017
Fallacy trying to hit on Encre: Wow! You must have diabetes because your blood is sweet ;3
cristlegirl cristlegirl Nov 09, 2017
i like to think that "pined" is a word from the 
                              language of wattpad