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Sehun is a guy how doesn't even interested in love anymore since what his ex girlfriend did to him. but one day he bump into a girl and everything change. that was the first time he saw her and instantly fall in love with her.

Hayoung who ran away from her house with her best friends, Arvin to Philippines. She desen't like and believe any person who is a man. The only man she believe is Arvin. She came to Philippines to finish her studies and start working without any drama in her life. but one day she bump into a guy and everything change since that day.

Follow the journey of Sehun and Hayoung and how will Sehun make Hayoung believe him, love him and make her realize that love is such a sweet thing in life.


You don't know about my past. You don't know what happen to me and your acting as if you know. Just go away Sehun. Leave me alone and forget about me. I hate you and I hate a person who is a man. - Oh Hayoung

I love you Hayoung. I loved you since the first time I saw you. I know it's hard to convince you that I love you. but I will show you how much I love you and will always protect you. You'll be mine and only MINE. - Oh Sehun

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