My Star Wars Oneshots.

My Star Wars Oneshots.

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SWfangirl2002 By SWfangirl2002 Updated 5 days ago

This is my Star Wars Rebels one shot book, and requests are very welcomed and anyone can comment their's, and yada yada...

Some will be serious, others fluffy, and all kinds!


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AskError AskError Nov 05, 2017
                              CASSIAN. CASSIAN ANDOR, 'CASSIAN'!?!?
- - Mar 11, 2017
Hey yo, help is on its way mmmmmmmmm
                              Sorry, that is a song from the RSCV ad.....
                              Well that was embarrassing
starwarsfangirl4life starwarsfangirl4life Jan 08, 2017
And no, they are not out of character. They're pretty good for not seeing the movie!
outsider4 outsider4 Mar 05, 2017
                              Why couldn't it be Zeb!? (No offense) Life is ruined. There's no point in living.
SWfangirl2002 SWfangirl2002 Jan 11, 2017
The sad part is, you guys, nobody cares about what Boba is planning...
ReyGaballoIII ReyGaballoIII Mar 03, 2017
I feel bad for Caleb/Kanan hopefully he can recover from this....I can't haha Outstanding job my friend :)