Inevitable {z.malik au}

Inevitable {z.malik au}

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Mac By fingersxcrossed Updated Jul 08, 2016

“Hold me in your arms,” it was a simple request. It was only for him to keep his arms wrapped around her small frame as she trembled involuntarily in fear. Fear of what? Everything. 

“Hold me in your arms and never let me go,” it wasn’t a command, nor was it a request. It was a desperate string of words— a beg, as if she were a beggar seeking alms. “Please,” 

He did as he was told. He did that often— did what he was told. 

Slowly, his arms snaked around the little girl’s waist. 'You are not to touch her.'

“Shh…” he mumbled, gliding a hand up from her back to the nape of her neck to push her head to his chest. 'You are not to speak to her.'

“Don’t leave me,” her fists contained crumpled up portions of his shirt as she held on as if he were going to disappear into thin air if she didn’t. 'You are just here to protect her.'

“I won’t.”

He did. 

{zm au} || © fingersxcrossed (2014)

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ZaddyChampagne ZaddyChampagne Apr 28, 2016
Dude I thought it was Harry and Zayn on the cover. I was hella confused lololol
zdayiscoming zdayiscoming Oct 06, 2016
Little boy: "i think were gonna be friends *weird flute thing starts playing music*"
kocainewreck kocainewreck Oct 09, 2015
I'm excited to read your book and you sound so sweet and nice agslshshld I love you already wtf
- - Aug 18, 2015
I've had too many dreams about him. I don't think it's healthy
zangladesh zangladesh May 21, 2015
I see him in my dreams then deadass wake up crying because it's fake. This is how you know you have no life
goddessjoseph goddessjoseph Apr 23, 2015
I don't have much, but for a good friendship we have to start off good. I can get some doughnuts or candy