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Tillie Cole By authortilliecole Updated Jan 31, 2017

I always thought that my seventeenth birthday would be like anyone else's. I always thought it would be filled with laughter and shared with friends. I expected it to be a celebration, along with all my other birthdays.

But then, I used to believe that I was an ordinary girl. I used to believe that the world-with its mysteries and wonders-was knowable. Understandable. That there was nothing more to it than what was in plain sight.

But I was wrong.

I was wrong about it all. 

The world that I trusted, that I felt safe in, suddenly became unrecognizable and menacing. Things I felt only existed in my darkest nightmares were suddenly real; they were standing right before my eyes, existing among ordinary people. 

And me? Well, nothing about me was what I believed to be true. Yes, I was still Mercy Good, an ordinary, small town girl who recently moved from England to the States. But I also discovered I was more. So much more. Far more than I could ever have been prepared for. Far more than I could have ever imagined. 

And I wasn't alone. In this strange new world, my life, my fate, was part of something much bigger-something I could barely comprehend. As for my soul?  The soul that I always thought was mine and mine alone, was melded with another's, soldered to another's...

Someone dark and dangerous. 


The mysterious boy I never saw coming. The boy who was as integral to my existence, as I was to his.

Turning seventeen revealed a world I didn't recognize, but quickly needed to master.

Turning seventeen brought with it my truth.

My truth, and in turn... his.

Paranormal Romance. 
Dark Teen Fiction