Oblivious Heart | ✓

Oblivious Heart | ✓

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I'm still me By pi3_here Completed

Heiji is the famous detective of West.

Kazuha is the best friend of this oblivious detective. 

Solving cases, helping the police and being the savior of Japanese police, Heiji couldn't solve the mystery of his best friend's heart.

Confused about her feelings, unknown annoyance and the bubbling irritation, Kazuha couldn't help but mull over her "friend's safety".

Tangled in the middle of confused feelings and years of friendship, could the oblivious naive detective, deduce the case of his equally naive best friend's worries. 

Or would it take a misinterpreted situation to bring out the blooming truth.


The characters don't belong to me.

It's just a fanfic.

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