My Babysitter Is Louis Tomlinson.

My Babysitter Is Louis Tomlinson.

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Charlie St. Jermain is your average 15 year old girl.

Her mother, whom she lives with, is very busy and when she gets a business call to leave for a month, she needs someone to babysit her 'precious' baby.

She's desperate because the usual babysitter cancelled at last minute saying that they had to paint their house, 31 times. She's so desperate that she starts to dial random numbers!

So when Mrs. St. Jermain dials a random number and a decent sounding boy answers the phone, she gives him the job to babysit her daughter.

The boy was none other than Louis Tomlinson, 1/5 of boy band One Direction. He seemed confused at first but when he heard how desperate and anxious the woman sounded, he happily obliged.

And now?

Louis Tomlinson is Charlie's babysitter.

arniyaz arniyaz Jan 31
Why would you call random numbers that's dangerous her babysitter could've been a rapist if Louis didn't answer
One Dimension and their Australian pals, 40 Years of Summer. That's what my friends mom used to call them. 😂😂😂
I have 92 cuz I have a lot of cousins that I don't see for a long time and cuz for like 6 people I have their moms number, dads number, their number, their home number, their email for their iPads.
I'm here because I'm a big fan of kickin' it and the cover attracted me
SkyblueChan SkyblueChan May 27
Why does a 15 year old need a babysitter? They can handle themselves though
Hahaha!! One Dimension, what a directionator!😂😂😂😂