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Aimee B By aimeebal Updated Jan 22, 2011

She knew she wasn't normal.
The truth is she isn't.

Whenever she snapped her fingers something strange would happen. She can see things... Hear things that people can't seem to see or hear. She thought it was all a dream, all a fantasy. Until she really opened her eyes.
Her parents didn't tell her the secret. The biggest secret of her whole life.
Strange people visit her house and wierd creatures can communicate with her.
She keeps on moving from city to city and doesn't know why.
Her brother on the other hand knows whats happening and it is his duty to protect her when the unexpected comes...
She has no idea what's happening.
Who is she?
She is the most wanted witch in the entire universe.
Wanted Dead or Alive.
A life of eternity.
Why is she wanted so much? 
Well it's simple.
She's the daughter of the two most powerful witch/wizards in the whole galaxy.
She can also bring people back from the dead.

She knew she wasn't normal.
She just isn't.

meeko228 meeko228 Mar 10, 2011
what do you mean, not good- it's awsome!  I hope you continue!
RebeccaElizabethHill RebeccaElizabethHill Jan 24, 2011
Great job!! Can't wait to read more!!!  And also, thanks for dedicating this to me (: you're so sweet! Haha