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O2L Adopted Me?

O2L Adopted Me?

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Renee Legaspi By BowPrinces Completed

Why would 5 popular,Good Looking teens/Adults adopt a Broken and Scared girl like me? i mean Im 15 still living in a foster home with 5 year olds who will soon be adopted probably anytime soon but me? Im Ugly,Fat and wothless.... Again why me?

basicallysammie basicallysammie Jul 31, 2016
I remember reading this a few years ago and now I'm rereading both this and the sequel bc I honestly don't remember what happens at all
chxmclouda chxmclouda Apr 23, 2016
"Or else he'll kill all of you" I'm sorry but I burst out laughing 😂😂
cacklesivan cacklesivan Jun 22, 2016
"He'll kill all of you," I loved how calmly she said that lmao
lollipopsaredelish lollipopsaredelish Mar 22, 2015
where is Trevor on the cover you can always have room for him
koalaluke koalaluke Jan 30, 2015
So I've read this book before and I watched one of Jc's vids and they named a dog hazel OMG
lukescurlss lukescurlss Nov 05, 2014
O2l is literally all I talk about in English class and now my teachers obsessed with and trust me, she's not that young.