My Monster And Me 🐉(completed)

My Monster And Me 🐉(completed)

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Einaty By EinatSegal Completed

Dragons, gryphons and steamy romance in New York City. 

Sophie Green knows she'll never change. She's antisocial, on the verge of being a sociopath and as far as men and sex are concerned, she's a total villain. 

Everything in her life is going according to plan and Sophie believes she can continue like this forever. 

But then a dead body of an unknown woman appears in Sophie's apartment and her best friend starts acting weird. She finds herself falling down a rabbit hole filled with dangerous emotions. When attraction becomes painful and the past comes to kick her in the teeth, Sophie discovers that she may not be as in control as she thought. 

And that love is actually a monster. 

** This is the sequel to 'My Monster', while it's recommended to read the first book first, it's not a must. **
**BOOK COVER BY @Abyss-of-Crazy**

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frostcure frostcure Aug 16
As long as its safe sex a person, male or female, should be allowed to do what they want with THEIR own body.
Thank you and you should put the word”hoe” up there too.... definition of that is if a female is in a relationship and cheats while in relationship .... or have sex with more that 4 men at one time ....
Yeah pls don't slut shame. Read the first book (if not )and you'll know that Sophie genuinely likes sex like any other human being and it's perfectly normal.
So she loves the truth but not Shawn? This girl a sophieopath
This is weird but I'm so happy that they have slept together 😅😅😂😂
Thank you so much for finally telling people this... we take our lives for granted, and we use these words as insults when they are in the sex industry as a last resort to support their families.