Barney vs The Listers (Editing)

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Dakota By MarvelousKid Updated 2 years ago
When rumours start flowing about a group of boys called the Listers had made their selection for who is next to be written in the Book Of Honours, everybody starts talking. Now being listed in Eastview High is no honour for the girls, but for the guys, the more girls they enter in the book the better. The Books of Honours is a female's worst nightmare, just by the stroke of pen,   words are being used as weapons. The pen is mightier than the sword.. literally. 
    After the incident in freshmen year when Violet ripped her dress at a school function exposing her Barney underwear, she was known as Purple Dinosaur/Barney instead of her real name Violet Montgomery. 
    So when certain things out of the ordinary start happening, its only a matter of time until everything falls apart. Can Violet fly under the radar or will her life be thrown into chaos? Everyone knows its not high school if there's no drama.
Oh my goodness, i love Dylan! He is so funny. I also like when she threatends to make his fingers disappear!
I really liked this :D Dylan is really annoying :P
                                    There were some mistakes, though. First, there is no need to put multiple exclamation points :) Second, there were some commas missing.
I Like it and I Love it! This is pretty hilarious! Awesome, Amazing! Voted and put it in my reading list.. :)
So far so good :) The story was funny and entertaining and totally hooked me in (with the whole charger drama) but the spelling and grammer kinda upset me... but other than that it's great. Voted :)
This book so far is really interesting and you seem you know your games :) the plotting is well and your flow goes smoothly :) voted love
@MarvelousKid :) I like to give honest reviews, because I want to help others become better at their writing. I still very much liked it, just keep up with the writing, and you'll improve as you go along.