Aiden (Thor's Daughter!) #wattys2015

Aiden (Thor's Daughter!) #wattys2015

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"Aiden!" Thor screamed and held up a frog's head.

He heard giggling from under his bed.

He lifted his bed up and pulled her up.

"And what might this be doing in my bed?"Thor said to Aiden.

She giggled and said"Surprise!"

He dropped her on the bed and started to tickle her till she almost peed her pants.

"Daddy! Stop It!" she screamed in a fit of laughter.

He was laughing too until he realized that everything was rising around them.

He stopped tickling her and she sat up looking around the room as things started floating.

Her golden blonde hair floated above her head.

She laughed and jumped on the bed trying to grab stuff.

"Aiden!" Thor said sternly and her smile wiped of her face.

"Put everything down."

"Yes Father." Every thing went crashing to the ground.

Loki walked in just in time were a stuffed hippopotamus toy fell on his head.

"Is it raining Hippopotamus'?"he asked raising one brow.

"Uncle Loki!"She screamed and ran over to him ...

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