I'll Run...Not Walk

I'll Run...Not Walk

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Caryn Schulenberg By CarynSchulenberg Updated Feb 03, 2012

As a little boy, just learning to walk, my grandson, Caalab reminded me so much of his mom. Amy took those first teetering steps...about two of them, and from that point on, she ran. She didn't have time to walk...she had places to go. Caalab was just like that, with one small exception. When Amy started walking/running, I found that getting those cute pictures of the baby plopping down on the ground because they couldn't balance very well yet, were next to impossible. Amy just didn't fall.

Caalab on the other hand was a fall waiting to happen. It wasn't because his balance was off or anything, but rather because he simply got ahead of himself...or should I say, ahead of his own feet. When Caalab wanted to get from point A to point B, he always felt that doing so as fast as possible was the way to go, and in his mind it seemed like a good plan. But, as is often the way with plans...they just don't work out quite like we saw them in our heads.

When Caalab would start across the room, ...

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