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Okay so urm I published this story originally on quizilla but I found this website so I have decided to publish it on here. 

Chapter 1

"Megan," my father called from the bottom of the stairs "breakfast," he added. Walking out of my room at a slow speed unsure of what kind of mood he was in as he called me by my name normally it's sweetheart or when he's in a foul mood it's Megs. With him calling me Megan I was not to know what mood he was in.

Making my way into the kitchen I saw he was in an ok mood as he gave me a bright smile, I gave him a small one back so he would not think anything was wrong. He put the plate pancakes in front of me and he sat down opposite me "I'll take you to school today if you want," he stated. I looked at him and just gave him a small smile. I didn't want him taking me to school but I didn't want to anger him either so I say ok and eat most of my pancakes.

The car ride to school was just bearable for me. I wasn't much of a talker and he knew that but toda...

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ShawnMendesqvenn ShawnMendesqvenn Oct 01, 2017
HEEEEY, I READ THIS STORY BEFORE.....I don't remember. My comment is above me😂😂😂😂 cool cool
BreakfestIsthisWay BreakfestIsthisWay Jan 07, 2015
Omg! Oh no this is going to be so bad! He's in his evil personality! And she's making out with her boyfriend clothes half off!
Betcx4 Betcx4 Dec 20, 2013
Those outfits are not cute, no, no. But, the story is amazing.
fadeaway19 fadeaway19 Sep 13, 2011
oh my god i finally found it !!! i have been wanting to finish this story for over a year and i couldn't remember what it was called now i'm going to read it all over again-i love it!!
Immlaaarr Immlaaarr Jun 16, 2011
This is amazing! I love it, your writing style is so fluent and lovely. Wish I was this good!
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Apr 11, 2011
hahaha I came to see if I commented on the first chapter but I read it again and the fear still gets me.