Only His

Only His

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Meet Sarah Hunter a 17 year old straight A student. She's quiet and reserved. On her 18th birthday her best friend Arianna takes her out to a club to celebrate. What happens when she catches the eye of the infamous Miguel Rodriguez. 

Meet Miguel Rodriguez a sexy 21 year old gang leader of the most feared gang in the country, the X-treme. While visiting one of his clubs he gets mesmerized by the beauty that is Sarah dancing amidst the crowd of people. In that moment he knew he had to have her. 

Sarah's POV 

         I was dancing and swaying my hips when someone wrapped their arms around my waist. My eyes were closed as I danced against the stranger no sooner the person unwrapped their arms it seemed as though the person left . I didn't turn around but my eyes were now open as I continued dancing by myself. Ari and Sam were no where in sight. 
          Warm and muscular arms were now wrapped around my hips. The man rocked and gyrated his hips against mine as we moved in sync. I could tell it wasn't the same person as before because this person's hands felt different. His warm breath tickled my ear as goosebumps rose on my neck. 
"Hola hermosa" the man grunted in my ear huskily. "You're mine now" he groaned.

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