Blind Faith

Blind Faith

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Luna Valora has been in darkness most of her life. She was blind from a bad car accident when she was seven. She has what is called conversion disorder. She hopes her blindness is only temorary but there was huge chance of it being permanent. 
All she can see are shadows and silhouettes of items and people. Luna still lives with her parents, in New York, because they're too worried about her living on her own and it's hard to find a job that'll take you if you're blind.

Luna, with the help of her parents, finally finds a job. When she goes for the interview, she wears sunglasses to hide her blindness. She can still see shadows through them luckily. She meets Greyson, her boss, at the interview and is shocked that she got the job. She'll work as a personal assistant for him but she still has to hide her blindness or she fears she'll get fired.

Greyson Griffin is a CEO of a very successful business but when he needs a new PA, one girl catches his attention. So he hires Luna, along with one other girl. He notices that she wears her sunglasses a lot, which he allowed for her, and wonders why. Luna said her eyes are sensitive to bright light but he doesn't believe her. He'll find out one way or another.

***Warning- Some of the things that happen in this story may not happen in real life. I'm not quite sure how some of the stuff works so I just made my own thing up. Please don't be upset with me if they aren't true. This is my first story so some stuff may be bad. I'm also a hopelss romantic, making this story cheesy to some. Thank you.