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The Only One [Vampire Knight]

The Only One [Vampire Knight]

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Once Upon A Time By anida1129 Updated May 15

My name is Rose White. I am something that should not be alive.No one can handle what I do.So my parents have decided to send me to cross academy where they think I will learn to control myself, to find out it was all a lie. There I was reunited with my old love. A bad man from my past is after me. I should not be alive. I have killed to many. It's not my fault. I didn't ask for this. Why? I can't control myself. The moon makes it happen. Why....... Why me?                              This is the story of Rose and the journey she goes through when seeing her old love Kaname and his sister Yuki who Rose hasn't seen in years. But when Rose was younger she was kidnapped and so was Kaname and that is how they fell in love. What if I told you after all those years that have passed by the kidnapper is coming for her once again to claim Rose as his.......

ILuffsNicoDiAngelo ILuffsNicoDiAngelo Oct 18, 2016
This story looks like it has a lot of potential but you should fix the grammar errors.
TheOtakuGirl123 TheOtakuGirl123 Apr 13, 2016
Hehehe monthly dose of blood........remind you of anything??
weeburgoo weeburgoo Dec 22, 2015
*snatches Death note from her hands* NO NO NO! BAD! GO TO THE BAD CORNER AND THINK ABOUT LIFE
OverlordKris OverlordKris Nov 10, 2015
I was amazed for a second, like WOW,  SHE CAN MAKE IT RAIN CATS AND DOGS...  WHAT NEXT LLAMAS?! Then I realized I was being stupid and it was a metaphor. I'm so disappointed, now.  😭
Bobbie214 Bobbie214 May 29, 2015
ahhhh i normaly find Kanema as a complete a** hole but i don't know niw
miyako-hime miyako-hime Jan 20, 2015
...but i thought vampires could eat human food XD now ghouls i can understand, but vampires..?