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Maybe it's enough - Phan (Completed)

Maybe it's enough - Phan (Completed)

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Chloe By ChloeMitzu Completed

Dan's the new kid in school, expelled from his last for threatening a teacher. Dan's family hoping this will be a new start, don't know their son's biggest secret. Will Dan have the confidence to tell his father about the way he feels? Or will he continue to be the rebellious teenager he is?   Phil is completely the opposite from Dan, never gets in trouble, quiet and doesn't have any friends. Trying to double depression and his grades, how will he deal with a new kid in his class? Will all his secrets be revealed? And will the bullying stop?    Dan crosses Phil on his first day, and things don't start in the best way. Phil doesn't need help, but Dan is adamant he helps the boy through his years at college.    What will happen when things turn upside-down for the both of them?   Warnings: mentions of selfharm, bullying, mild swearing, sexual references and boy boy pairings. Not recommended for people under the age of 13.    ©chloemitzu

SamNagasawa SamNagasawa Jan 23
((I'm Japanese and I'm used to it so sometimes I get confused which way an American book starts))
Uh *cough* I think ur uh, not looking at the whole crowd of people behind this screen...
daisy2209 daisy2209 Jan 22
We only have a few mangas in our library and everyone just stares at you if you go near them, lmao their loss
Yes yes yes I always thought that I'm glad I'm not the only one yes.
How on earth did I know this would happen..
                              *whispers* I'm PHYCIC. Nah, I just read too many phanfictions on a daily basis.
                     regrets tho.