The Bet • Watty's 2017

The Bet • Watty's 2017

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Yusra Hoque By YusraHoque Updated Aug 20, 2017


Madeline Waters is your average nerd at school, but when she makes a bet with the bad boy in school, her life gets turned upside down. 

Jacob Dorval is your average, mean, flirty, sexy bad boy at school, but is also full of secrets. 

Follow Madeline Waters around her life during and after school, and discover the challenges she faces. Will these two, be able to work together, despite their opposite personalities? 


I come five minutes early for detention so I can start on my test and finish so I can leave on time. I go inside, get my paper and start working. A few minutes roll around and I hear the door open to reveal Jacob. Great, just the person I was avoiding. It didn't matter though, I was almost done. He came in, and took his test. It was five minutes in and Jacob had already finished his test. 

"All done, I guess I'll see your around Maddy." He winked at me. I scoffed. "What's wrong?" He asks.

"You couldn't have finished your test that quickly without getting a bad grade." I bite on my bottom lip.

"Oh really? Want to bet on that? If I get a higher mark than you on the test, you have to do whatever I say for the rest of the year. Sort of like my pet." A smirk creeps onto Jacob pale lips. 

"Fine. If I win the bet, you have to do whatever I say." I scoff. I was too stubborn to realize what I had just gotten myself into, but I was definitely smarter than Jacob. I was going to win, right?

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DrowningBoat DrowningBoat May 29, 2017
This story is amazing, I'm already hooked!!!!!!! You seem like an amazing writer already!
btsforlifeyasssssss btsforlifeyasssssss May 09, 2017
May I ask if this story was also in a way similar to a story in episode also called the bet coz it really reminds me of it
lladro12345 lladro12345 Jun 07
I am listening to music on pandora and harp music just came on after i read that line
YusraHoque YusraHoque Jan 07, 2017
Thank you so much @jesss_123 ! I'm a new writer and I was really hoping that I was doing good so far so, that really made my day, thank you again. 💖
LGBTQforever LGBTQforever Jan 09, 2017
I like the story and since it has just one chapter i have no idea what gonna happen and what the bet is about(the story name the bet so i think she bets on something)
                              Anyway i love it 
                              Pls continue this😊😊😊
Ladybuggirldreams Ladybuggirldreams Jan 23, 2017
I really like this it's funny and interesting you are doing a great job can't wait to read more:)