The Other Salvatore - Tvd fan fic

The Other Salvatore - Tvd fan fic

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Emily Pavone By EmelyPavone Updated Aug 25, 2015

What if the Salvatore's had a younger sister, know one knew about ? Her name is Audrey Salvatore, twin to Stefan Salvatore. Though they might not look alike, their sympathy and sensitiveness are the same even though Audrey tries to hide it by acting like Damon. What well happen when a certain hybrid, she's been running from a century, is in town. What well happen when she finds out shes a hybrid herself? Read and find out in The Other Salvatore.


All rights go to S.J. Smith. I only own my characters

Cover by tres_bells

  • audrey
  • damon
  • elena
  • hybrid
  • klaus
  • kol
  • rebekah
  • ştefan
noodlesrforpoodles noodlesrforpoodles Jul 22, 2017
Curiosity (aka Katherine) killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back(aka Katherine's blood)
MadisonTidwell MadisonTidwell Jan 25, 2016
Before I start reading, is this a klaus love story? I really hope so!
Sweetiepie_ Sweetiepie_ Apr 16, 2015
I like your book so far I'm still at the beginning but I have a feeling it's going to be great
EmelyPavone EmelyPavone Jun 22, 2014
                              Thanks so much . I well totally read her book .
realityrelease realityrelease Jun 22, 2014
This is great! I won't read it all just now but I would love to read the rest!
                              Btw my friend is writing a fanfic called the other Gilbert where Elena has a twin sister  
                              When I found this I had to tell her about it she will probs read this soon
Shaunaa26 Shaunaa26 May 04, 2014
Hey I'm your partner! My only advice so far is to go back and edit this chapter because there's a lot of grammar mistakes but I know how boring it is combing through a chapter looking for that kind of stuff -.-