At the Buzzer

At the Buzzer

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Savannah By savannahstories Updated Aug 24, 2015

my long-awaited basketball story!

Chapter 1


   I glanced over at coach, messing up my shot slightly so it went in off the backboard. I winced and walked over to him.

    "Yeah, Coach?" I said hopefully. He stared down at me with a hard expression. Then shook his head. My smile faultered.

    "What do you mean?" I asked. "No one? Not even one?" He shook his head again.

     "Not one, Lynch," he said. "Sorry. I guess you're just not good enough." I flinched. Ouch.

     It's bad enough that today's the last day of high school, meaning I'll be leaving all my friends for college. The thing is, I was suppose to get a scholarship to UConn. I'm really good at basketball, so I jsut don't understand why no one would want me. I'm the starting point-guard, and Coach, even with his hard-ass attitude, loves me. I pull us through games all the time.

    Him telling me I'm just not good enough, well, that's a huge hit to my pride. Not good enough? Wasn't I good enough last year in...