The Enchanting Rapture

The Enchanting Rapture

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Black Lives Matter By TheParableQueen Completed

In a world of monsters, is it possible to find the beauty in each other?

     Ice melts...

     Power ignites...

     Bonds forge...

     Just in time to clash with the impending storm on its way. 


   "I think you have lost your mind," Soren suddenly muttered. 

     Then it happened: Annika grinned. A glowing warmth lit inside, heating her cold interior. There was something extraordinary about the simplicity put into a grin. The anguish lessoned, and suddenly anything was possible. Surely the sky could fall if Annika could smile?

     "What makes you say that?" She asked as she continued her movements. The grin acted as a soothing balm on her aching heart. Annika might've been crazy to become so easily uplifted by an everyday facial expression, but crazy seemed like a much better term to be than slave. 

     "Only a lunatic would approach me in my slumber." His eyes remained shut, and he didn't object to her petting, so Annika didn't stop.

     "Well... you wouldn't know if you were asleep?"

     "Mmm," the sound vibrated like a guttural hum, "I awoke the second you entered."

     "Did you?" Annika asked as she turned her head to study his face, but this time, his eyes were open, revealing those beautiful pits of colorless depths.



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