Shadows Of The Past  [Haylor AU]  //Harry Styles And Taylor Swift//

Shadows Of The Past [Haylor AU] //Harry Styles And Taylor Swift//

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Billionaire, playboy, brilliant, ruthless, dangerously handsome. That's how Harry Styles was described by the media and the people who knew him. The sole heir to Diamond Star Group of Companies' family fortune, a multi-billion dollar chain of five star hotels and resorts throughout the world, the company was built by his great, great grandfather. Starting from a rooming house, his ancestor turned his small business into the premier pioneer of luxury accomodation. Women flock around him like bees to honey and it's an open secret that he enjoys the company of a mistress. Unfortunately, his attention span is very short. Once he gets bored, he dumps her and takes another. Then he met her in Athens. A blond-haired beauty with blue eyes and a body that would bring a man down on his knees. They had a torrid two-week affair and yet, he never knew her real name. Little did he know that their paths will cross again under very different circumstances.

Beautiful, passionate and a hopeless romantic, Taylor Swift came to Athens to fulfil a promise to her grandmother before she passed away. Her mission - to steal the Diamond Star necklace that was taken from her great, great grandmother by the ruthless man who built Diamond Star Hotel. Along the way, she met a drop, dead gorgeous stranger. He was the embodiment of her fantasy, a man who would make her heart race at first sight, a man who would sweep her off her feet with just one look. Throwing caution to the winds, she embarked on a sizzling two-week fling with him without realizing that she was in fact, sleeping with the enemy.

[WARNING: This story will have detailed sexually explicit content in it.]

i'm rereading this masterpiece again why am i like thiiiiis 😭
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Holy fudge, this is the third book of Dani im reading today 😂
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There is just really something that makes me want to finish your story yet I still can't and start to read another...
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Just finished Wildfire and Irresistible! loved them both! So excited for this one!
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just finished wildfire and irresistible! so excited for this!!
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just finish reading wildfire and irresistible... and love it now i'm goung to read this and i'm sure that i'll be loving it also and want more of your work... your are my sidney sheldon or in here (Philippines) my marthe cecilia... (i'm using my bf's account)