Fame || h.s

Fame || h.s

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the condition of being known or talked about by many people, esp. on 
account of notable achievements.

Everyone wants fame. To be talked about in a high light or for people to recognise you on the street. In this case Annamay wanted fame ever since she was a little girl She wanted to sing in front of a large crowd of people letting her voice run through their ears. She wanted little girls to come up to her with a piece of paper and that Bic pen. She wanted to make her mother proud for once.

but happens when she makes a deal with the devil himself?


-explicit scenes
-drug use
-strong language

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_seraphic_ _seraphic_ Aug 03, 2015
Harry isn't a womaniser. 
                              He is just Harry.
                              Playing someone else's role.
stephsayshi618 stephsayshi618 Jun 28, 2015
My dad is really into church too, so if this was the case, my dad would've moved all of us to live inside the church.
stephsayshi618 stephsayshi618 Jun 28, 2015
I can't even walk outside to take the trash out without my mom questioning me.
stylewss stylewss May 18, 2015
what the heck if my mom ever say something like that to me i will say something like MOTHER YOU SHUT THE HELL UP AND GO DRINK THE HOLY WATER IN THE NAME OF GOD
just_punzie just_punzie Jan 16, 2015
Just came to say I'm pretty sure the cover is Harry's head photoshopped into Charles trippys body