how to deal with deal with Park Chanyeol - &

how to deal with deal with Park Chanyeol - &

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☾ella☽ By keysthetics Updated Mar 12, 2017

❝let's just agree that we're all attractive❞ 

❝i don't tell lies❞ 


The model who has it all, including too much love for himself. What he doesn't have is the man he secretly wants. 

©keysthetics 2017

Based off the trailer by exosexo.
All rights go to her and i'll link the youtube video.

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liikaasa liikaasa Jan 05, 2017
I love you so much for writing this. I saw the trailer earlier and thought 'I want to read a story like this.' And now this.. Thank you <3
RoyalCupcake03 RoyalCupcake03 Jan 14, 2017
i found this story because i just came from exosexo's trailer and found a comment saying you made one on wattpad so i came here
taeblespoonofsuga taeblespoonofsuga Jan 07, 2017
This is so good!!! The video is so funny, I wish she would make it into a movie 😅
_ConsultingDetective _ConsultingDetective Jan 07, 2017
I was waiting for something like this. Thanks. Just. Thanks.
ayline_sngstr ayline_sngstr Jan 12, 2017
I found you in the comments, thank you so much for making this!!! 😍💕
HeyCorazon HeyCorazon Jan 06, 2017
Yeee i was waiting for this 😍😍😍 keep going please 💪💪